June 20th 1917
Wednesday June 20th 1917 was one of the biggest days in Tim Hendryx Major League Baseball career.He hit TWO Home Runs that day in the first game of a double header.Tim's team the New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 3-2 in that first game.Players VERY rarely hit 2 homers in a game back then.

"...HENDRYX met the ball half-way,took one mighty lunge at it,and the next thing the crowd was on its feet watching the pill saunter straight and true into the stands.The spectators then saw Tim racing around the bags.They let loose a mighty roar that could be heard for blocks distant.They tossed their hats in the air and kept up the din for a few seconds more,giving some more cheers and yelps as the Mighty Tim walked to the bench"......

"...This time the Mighty Tim didn't mince things with his bat.The stick met the third pitched ball and like a cannon shot it traveled almost to the same place where the previous circuit smash dropped.The 12,000 stood up as one man and let forth another roar.".......
Many Thanks Freddy Berowski at the National Baseball Hall of Fame for sending this article to me.