Timothy Green Hendryx.
Born January 31,1891 in Leroy Illinois.
Died August 14 1957.

Timothy Green Hendryx was born on January 31st 1891.He was the son of William C.Hendryx(1862-1939)and Nancy Jo Neeley(1858-1930)of Leroy Illinois.Details of his life in Leroy are few,It is known that he had a job as a shoeshine boy at the J.K.Kincaid Barbershop in LeRoy.He attended the Washington Street School(where the Swimming Pool is now).In 1908 his family moved to Jacksonville Florida.In 1911 Tim got his start in pro baseball with the Yazoo City Zoos. He must have been a pretty impressive rookie as before the end of the season he was called up to the big leagues.He went to play for the Cleveland Naps.The Naps changed their name to Cleveland Indians in 1915.He played with the Naps thru 1912 and was sent then to the New Orleans Pelicans.In 1915 he was again called up to the big leagues to play for the legendary New York Yankees.He played for them in 1915,1916 and 1917.In 1918 he was sent to the St Louis Browns.He spent 1919 playing for the Louisville Colonels.In 1920 and 1921 Tim played for the Boston Red Sox.He played 5 more years in the minors.In 1922 he was with the St.Paul Saints,Then spent 4 years with the San Francisco Seals in the Pacific coast League(1923-1926)and finished up the 1926 season with the Mobile Bears.In 1928 he played for the Championship team of the Southern Minnisota League,The Fairmont Cardinals.In 1929 he played for the Southern Minnisota League Champion Albert Lea Tigers.He had several high points in his career.In 1917 he was in the top home run hitters in Major League baseball.He hit 5 Homers that year.Wally Pipp hit 9 homers in 1917 to lead the league.In 1917 Tim's 5 homers(including 2 in 1 game),Tied The great Shoeless Joe Jackson for 7th,and was but 1 less than TY COBB(The Greatest Baseball Player of All Time).In 1917 Babe Ruth hit 2 Home Runs.The kid from Leroy did pretty good.While 5 homers seems like a small number now,remember this was the "Deadball era". Baseballs were quite different in those days and didnt fly near as far when hit as baseballs do today.Another achievment of note is he was a member of 2 minor league squads that are listed in the top 100 minor teams of all time:Tim was with the 1925 S.F Seals(listed as #10),and the 1922 St.Paul Saints(listed as #88).Tim was a team mate of some big names,including Shoeless Joe Jackson,Buck Weaver,Cy Young,Nap Lajoie and many others.Tim's 1st official Major League game was on September 4 1911(Tim's Naps beat the White Sox 9- 8),His last was July 26 1921(Tim's Red Sox lost to the Indians 2-8).He played 416 Major League games.He played 1,520 Minor League games for a total of 1,936 professional Baseball games.In all 1911 games he played 3rd base,In all 1912 NAPS games he played center field,In 1919 he played 3rd for The Louisville Colonels,All other years he played center and right field except the 2 years in Minnisota when he played 3rd base.After Baseball Tim was a Paint contractor and was a Taxi driver.He lived in Minnesota for a couple of years and settled in Corpus Christie Texas.He was married 2 times.He had a son named Timothy Green Hendryx Jr(1915-1999)by his first wife Elsie Ella Eckhardt(1885-1920).Tim married his 2nd wife, Adela Ramirez(b.1920)in 1942.They had 1 daughter Betty Jane Hendryx(b.1943).Tim passed away in Corpus Christi Texas on August 14th 1957(Heart Attack).Tim is the only Major League Baseball player ever from Leroy Illinois.

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Tim Hendryx in 1916 as a New York Yankee.He is seen at Comiskey Park in Chicago.