LeRoy Journal 1-23-1920
Tim Hendryx may be added to Cub staff
Harry Neily,eminent baseball writer on the staff of the Chicago American(newspaper)writes the following very complimentary article regarding Tim Hendryx,A former Leroy Boy: Outfielder Hendryx,A most able person,may be a member of the Cubs next season. He can be had by the North Siders if they can offer sufficent inducements in the way of players,rather than cash, according to an announcement of "Cap"Neal,General manager of the Louisville club. Hendryx was a member of the Yanks(NY Yankees)at one time, But has since displayed great improvements in his playing. "Last year Hendryx was in 143 games,scored 83 Runs, Made 189 Hits for a total of 239 bases. They included 31 doubles,5 triples and 3 home runs,He sacrificed 21 times and stole 30 bases,walked 66 times and fanned only 38,His batting average was .368". "Hendryx is a big Powerful right hander"Mr.Neal declares. "Pittsburg wanted him,but we did not send him there. I have had inquiries about him from two American League clubs, I believe he would be a great assistance to the Cubs, As he bats right handed.He certainly is a big leaguer,to my way of thinking". "Neal by the way is a good judge of ball players. While a scout for Pittsburgh and the Phillies he dug up a lot of able talent. "The Cubs outfield as it stands now,All bats left handed. That is if Barber,Flack and Robertson are used in the gardens,Hollocher also hits lefthanded". "It is almost certain that Hendryx will be sold to some major league club before the season begins.Cincinati wants him as August Herrmann is fearful That Pat Duncan was an overnighter and may not stand up through a the long course of a championship race". Hendryx is about 27 years old, and according to Cap Neal is a man of most excellent habits. Action will be delayed by the Cubs until President William Veeck returns from the coast, which will be tuesday of the coming week. Mr.Hendryx was born and grew to young manhood in LeRoy,Later going with his parents to Florida. He is a Nephew of Mr. and Mrs. E.F.Hall,and his many friends here are glad to learn of his success.