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01-31-1891 ---- Timothy Green Hendryx is born. He is the 4th of 6 children by William C. and Nancy J.(Neeley)Hendryx of Leroy Illinois Tim is named after his Grandfather Timothy Green Neeley.Dr J.A.Tuthill of Leroy Illinois was the delivery doctor.

1896 ---- Tim attends 1st grade at the Washington School in Leroy Illinois.High marks in all classes,Highest marks in Reading,Spelling and Math.His Teacher is Miss MAUDE JOHNSTON.

1900 ---- The federal census of 1900 shows the Hendryx family on the 200 block of East Pine Street In Leroy Illinois.The Hendryx house stood where the parking lot behind the Old Bank downtown is now.

1902 ---- Tim is still attending Washington School in Leroy Illinois,Now in the 6th grade.

1904-08 ----Tim has a job working at Kincaid's barber shop in downtown Leroy. He was the shoeshine boy. Specific dates are lost to history.

1908 ---- The William Hendryx Family (including Tim) moved to Jacksonville Florida.

1911 ---- Tim Begins his pro baseball career with Yazoo City Zoos in the Cotton States League.The Zoos finished 3rd at 60-54 under manager Dominick Mullaney .Tim played 112 games that year.He hit 107 times and stole 23 bases. Tim played 2nd base all season.

1911 ----Late in the final weeks of the 1911 season he is "Called Up" by the CLEVELAND NAPS of the American League for 4 games at 3rd base. Tim's 1st Major League games are a double header on Monday, September 4th 1911 at League Park in Cleveland. The Naps Beat the Chicago White Sox in both games. The final scores were 9-8 and 9-2. Tim's teammates include SHOELESS JOE JACKSON.

April 1912 ---- Tim signs with the Cleveland Naps,He is sent to play with minor league team The New Orleans Pelicans.The Pelicans compile a record of 71 64 and finish in 3rd place.

08-28 1912 ----Tim was recalled to play center field for the Cleveland Naps from New Orleans Pelicans.He plays 23 games at the end of the season.Teammate with Legendary player SHOELESS JOE JACKSON.

9-27-1912 ---- Tim hits his 1st Major league Home Run.Hit off of Detroit Tigers Charlie Wheatly. It was a 2nd inning bounce Homer with 2 men on base. Tim's Cleveland Naps won 16-5.

02-21-1913 ---- Tim is Sold by Cleveland Naps to the New Orleans Pelicans.

05-15-1913 ---- Tim Hendryx Marries Ella Elizabeth Eckhardt (aka Elsie) of New Orleans.Elsie was the organ player at Pelican Park.

1913 ---The Pelicans go 45 85 and finish last in the Southern Association.

1914 ---- The Pelicans finish in 3rd place with a record of 80 65. Tim bats .286 for the season and hits 4 homers.

02-10-1915 ----Tim and Ella's son Timothy Green Hendryx Jr is born.

1915 ---- The Pelicans win the Southern Association pennant with a record of 91 63 Tim's batting average is a league leading .329 .He scored the most runs in the league(109)and was 2nd in the league with 176 hits.

Sep 1915 ---- Tim is sold to the New York Yankees,He plays 13 games at the end of the season.

1916 ----Tim was sent back down to the Minors to play for the RICHMOND CLIMBERS of the International League.Richmond finished 6th with a 64-75 record. Tim bats .321 for the season(135 games) with 5 Home Runs.

08-31-1916 ----Tim is called up to the Majors near the end of the 1916 season by the NEW YORK YANKEES.Tim batted .290 in 15 games.

10-04-1916 ---- Tim steals 3 bases in one game against the Senators(Yanks win 4-3).

1917 ---- Tim arrives at Yankees spring training 20 pounds lighter and much faster. Manager Bill Donovan remarks "Tim is one of the best men I ever saw at the plate". He starts 77 of his 125 games in Right Field(Team Leading). Tim bats .249 and hits a massive(for 1917)FIVE home runs. Wally Pipp hit 9 homers in 1917 to lead the league. In 1917 Tim's 5 homers(including 2 in 1 game),Tied The great Shoeless Joe Jackson for 7th, and was but 1 less than TY COBB.In 1917 Babe Ruth hit 2 Home Runs. The entire Yankees Team hit a total of 27 homers for the year. Tim also placed 10th in the league in Base on balls at 62.

06-20-1917 ---- Tim hits TWO solo Home Runs in one game. Both were off Red Sox pitcher Dutch Leonard,One in the bottom of the 6th and the other in the bottom of the 8th inning.Dutch only gave up 4 homers all year,2 to Tim,1 to Wally Pipp and 1 to Buck Weaver. Both were solo shots to the left field stands of the Polo Grounds. Tim's Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 3-2. Only 2 players hit 2 homers in 1 game in 1917. The other was NY Giant Benny Kauff (Game 4 of the World series vs Chicago White Sox). No one hit more than 2 in a single game in 1917.

06-23-1917 -----Tim hits one out in the bottom of the second with one man on base. Tim hits the home run off of The Philadelphia A's pitcher Win Noyes at the Polo Grounds.The Yankees beat the A's that day 10-4

08-09-1917 ---- Tim Blast out a homer against Otis Lambeth of the Cleveland Indians It was a solo shot in the bottom of the 8th with 2 outs at the Polo Grounds in New York.The Yankees lost this one 5-2.

08-31-1917 ---- Tim out runs everyone with a solo in the park homerun off of pitcher Jim Shaw in the bottom of the 2nd inning. The Washington Senators beat the Yankees that day 6-3 at the Polo Grounds.

1917 -Tim finishs the season with 62 bases on balls. That was good enough to place him 10th in the major leagues (1 more than Cobb,5 more than Jackson)

03-18- 1918 ----TIM HENDRYX is Traded as part of a 3-team trade by the New York Yankees to the St. Louis Browns. The Cincinnati Reds sent a player to be named later to the New York Yankees. The St. Louis Browns sent Lee Magee to the Cincinnati Reds. The Cincinnati Reds sent Tommy Clarke (April 25, 1918) to the New York Yankees to complete the trade.

01-23-1919 ---- Tim was sent to play for the Louisville Colonels in the American Association. Tim played 3rd base.He batted .368 in 143 games. It was the highest batting average of Tim's career. Tim also stole 30 bases and hit 3 homers that year.

Jan 1920 ---- Newspapers including The Sporting News and The Leroy Journal print stories claiming Tim will shortly become a CHICAGO CUB.The deal fell thru and it didnt happen.

01-01-1920 ---- TIM HENDRYX is purchased by the Boston Red Sox from the St. Louis Browns.

Jan 1920 ---- Babe Ruth is sold to the New York Yankees,This opens a spot in the outfield.That spot is filled in part by TIM HENDRYX.

02-29-1920 ---- Tim's wife (Elsie)Ella Elizabeth Eckhardt and an infant die from child birth complications. Tim Hendryx Jr is left to be raised in a proper household by Ella's Father(A dentist) and Mother in New Orleans. On the road with a ball team was no place for a 5 year old child.

1920 ---- Despite family tragedy and over a month of the season missed, Tim batted an awesome .328 in 99 games for the Boston Red Sox. Tim Hendryx had the most starts for the 1920 Red Sox in Center Field with 98.

05-10-1920 ---Was caught in a rare Triple play by Philadelphia.He was thrown out on his way to 3rd base. (There have been only 668 triple plays in the 130 YEARS from 1876-2006 and only 7 in 1920)

07-26-1921 ----After 49 games for the 1921 Sox,30 year old Timothy Green Hendryx plays his last Major League game.The Indians beat Tim's Red Sox 8-2 at Fenway in Boston.

Aug 1921 ---- Tim is sent to play in the American Association with the Saint Paul Saints. Tim arrives during the Saints 6th place run. He plays 54 games in the 2nd half of the season.Tim hit 3 homers and batted a great .330 The Saints finish with a record of 80-87.

1922 ----AMERICAN ASSOCIATION League Champions St Paul Saints win the pennant with a 107-60 record. 1922 Saints are listed as #88 on the top 100 minor league teams of all time . Outfielder Tim Hendryx batted a Team-high .341 in 108 games.

Dec 8 1922 -- The St.Paul Saints sell Tim to the San Francisco Seals in the legendary Pacific Coast League.The PCL was known as the Major League of the West.

1923 ----The San Francisco Seals win the PCL Championship with a record of 124-77 Tim plays in 133 games and bats an awesome .339 with 6 home runs.

1924 ---- The San Francisco Seals finish in 3rd 1 1/2 games back at 108-93 Tim plays in 115 games and bats an awesome .319 with 9 home runs.

1925 ----The San Francisco Seals win the PCL Championship with a record of 128-71 Tim plays in 117 games and bats .303 with 4 home runs. The 1925 Seals are listed as the #10 team on the List of the top 100 All time best minor league baseball teams of all time.

Feb 13 1926 ---- Tim reports to Seals spring training camp.

May 23 1926 ---- Tim hits a Home Run a Double and a sacrifice for the Seals vs the Angels.

1926----After 16 games with the Seals,Tim was traded to the Mobile Bears of the Southern Association.He plays only 34 games for Mobile.

1927 ---- Pie Traynor and fellow Pirates Hall of Famer Paul Waner shared the same bat all season. The 42-ounce bat was a discard from a former Boston outfielder named Tim Hendryx. Sharing one big bat, Waner led the National League with a .380 batting average and 131 RBI, While Pie mustered a .342 average and hit a game-winning single on the season's last day to win Pittsburgh to the pennant.

1928 ---- Tim joins the FAIRMONT CARDINALS in the Southern Minnisota League. The Cardinals wins the league championship.Tim played 3rd base all year and batted a league leading .400

1929 ---- Tim joins Fairmont's league rivals The Albert Lea Tigers.Tim plays 3rd base all year. The Tigers Won the Southern Minnisota League Championship of 1929.

1930 ----The 1930 US census records show that Tim Hendryx lived with a cousin in Ramsey Minnesota. The original document shows Tim listed his current occupation as "Ball Player" for a "Private Club".

1931-32 ---- Tim goes to work as a TAXICAB driver in Corpus Christi Texas. His Older brother Alvin had started the 1st Checker Cab stand in Corpus Christi Texas.

Nov 8 1942 ---- Tim married Adela Ramirez.Adela was his 2nd wife and as of May 2008 still lives in Alabama.

Oct 23 1943 ---- Tim's daughter Betty Jane Hendryx is born.

Nov-Dec 1947 ---- Tim is forced to retire after a heart attack.He would eventually suffer 3 heart attacks in his lifetime.

08-14-1957 ----Tim passed away in Corpus Christi Texas due to a heart attack.He is buried in Corpus Christi Texas.

Spring of 2005---- While searching for Leroy history information on the internet,Xmasjim finds a reference to a Baseball player from his hometown of Leroy Illinois.The man's name is Timothy green Hendryx.

Early 2007 ---- After 100s of HOURS of research Xmasjim finds a living link to Tim.In a collection of copies obtained from the Baseball Hall of Fame there was a 1969 letter from Tim's daughter Betty Hendryx to the Plain Dealer Newspaper asking about her dad's career.After dozens of long distance wrong number phone calls to very puzzled people, Xmasjim finds and contacts Betty Jane and Tim's 2nd wife,Adela(now 87 years old) living in Alabama on their small family farm.Copies of everything I found have been sent to her.She was very happy to see all those papers and photos about her "Daddy".In all the conversations we have had,When ever she mentions Tim,she still refers to him as "My Daddy".

Nov 2007 ----Jim has now made about 9 long calls to Betty.Yes,He is taking notes.

05-06-2008 ---- Jim finds Penny Hendryx in New Orleans.She is Tim Hendryx daughter in law.She was married to Tim Hendryx Jr.She has shared some great information so far.There will be more to come soon!