Do you have Old photos or even good copies of historic Leroy places or events?
I want to buy them!
Subjects Of particular interest to me are:

Fenns Dime Store --- Pearson's Variety
Herschel's Store --- Leroy Pool Hall
Spark's Variety Store --- Litherland's Dime Store
Charlie's Hardware Store
A & P Grocery Store --- PMP Grocery Store
Any Bob Owen's Store
Moss Mobil Gas Station --- Leroy Texaco Gas Station
Any other LeRoy Gas Station
Leroy's only Pro Baseball Player TIM HENDRYX
Any other Store on Center Street
Interior photos of any Leroy School
Interior shots of almost any Leroy Business
Any Leroy photos of historical significance
The Opera House --- The Princess Theatre
Any photos(or artifacts) relating to the LEROY RACING ASSOCIATION
The Star Theatre
Blue Ribbon Store --- Bee Hive Store
All Leroy Church Buildings
Autographs of ANY Leroy Mayor
Information regarding the location of the Howard Gun
Information regarding the Petrified Man

I NEED Photos,Postcards,Yearbooks,INFORMATION,Leroy Artifacts of all sorts.
I can be contacted via Email at xmasjim@yahoo.com or Call me(or leave a message)at my office phone number 309-452-4533